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I like a good creepy story. One that isn’t too graphic or gross but has some mystery and suspense to it. A friend recommended this to me, and the ladies of the Books in the Freezer podcast have mentioned it. This story went places I wasn’t expecting, which was awesome, but the style of writing wasn’t for me. The dialogue felt a bit forced and unnatural. But overall, it was a creative story that I enjoyed.

Nate moves into a dirt cheap apartment in Los Angeles, but he quickly realizes the place isn’t all he had hoped for. A light in his kitchen burns like a black light, although it’s a regular bulb. He notices the building isn’t hooked up to any electrical source. Every apartment is a different size and shape. Some apartments run cold, no matter the weather or temperature. Nate and a few of his neighbors decide to dig into the mysteries. Uncovering said mysteries takes time, and every layer they uncover leads them to a weirder and stranger place.

I can gladly say this isn’t a book about a haunted house, which I was expecting it to be. It took turns that I didn’t see coming. I really enjoyed the mystery behind the building, and specifically, apartment 14. The dialogue wasn’t my favorite part of the book, but that’s just my personal preference. Overall, the book was worth reading, and although not truly horrifying (I wouldn’t put it in the freezer), but definitely creepy and unique.