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What in the fucking fuck did I just read? My gosh. I’ve read a lot of crazy stuff, but this one might be at the top of the list. Infidelity- check. Murder- check. Narcissism- check. Secrets- check. Botched abortions- check. Child abuse- check. Descriptive sex scenes- check. Psychopaths- check. Stupid character names- check. This book has it all!

Lowen (ugh) is a mediocre writer who has been asked to finish a popular book series written by Verity (ugh) Crawford. Lowen will go live in Verity’s house with Verity’s husband, Jeremy (the only reasonable name in this entire book) and their son, Crew (ugh). Verity was recently in a car accident following the tragic deaths of her daughters, Chastin (seriously, I can’t make this stuff up) and Harper. Verity is unable to complete the series, so Lowen is getting paid to take over.

Weird things start happening in the house. Verity is awake, but unaware and non-responsive. However, Crew mentions talking to his mother, and Lowen claims to see Verity walking around. Lowen also finds a manuscript that Verity wrote about her life. Lowen quickly discovered that Verity is probably a psychopath and no longer feels badly for her.

Of course, this book must have ridiculous sex scenes between Lowen and Jeremy, because he can’t stand to have her in the house for two weeks without falling in love with her, even though he’s fully committed to Verity’s recovery. Give me a break….Ugh.

I kept reading this book, mostly to see if Verity was faking or not, or if Lowen was going crazy. I’ve only read one other CoHo book, and apparently, this one is out of the norm. I just don’t think she’s a writer for me.